When you are looking to purchase a car shade, you may not be sure which type is best, or may be confused by some of the terminology. There are numerous factors that go into choosing car shades, such as whether you want the structure to be permanent or portable, the size of the vehicle that is to be protected using the car shade, the weather, and your budget, among other factors.

If you are not sure which type of car shade is best, consider some of the following differences between car shade designs:

Car shade materials:

Steel car shade 

Steel carshades are a perfect choice if you are looking for a permanent structure that will withstand the elements of the weather and will last for a long time. A steel car shade can have an A-line roof or a flat roof and can even be attached to a permanent structure. A steel car shade is similar in design, durability and strength to a metal car shade.

Aluminum car shades

Similar to a metal car shade, aluminum car shades function best as more permanent structures. Aluminum is a more lightweight material, but is equally as durable, as long as the structure is not exposed to extreme winds on a regular basis. Some aluminum car shades can also be portable as well.

Wooden car shades

A wooden car shade is the perfect choice if you are looking to attach your car shade to a home, building or other structure. It can also be used as a free standing car shade, but since wood car shades can blend in nicely to a more permanent structure, they are often used as a garage space that is attached to a home.

car port

Canvas car shades

If you are looking for a more temporary car shade, or one that is easily portable, then it is best to consider a canvas car shade. Canvas car shades typically are comprised of a set of support poles (usually PVC or aluminum) that are assembled and the frame then supports a car shade tent made of canvas (although the canopy car shade can be made from other materials as well, such as vinyl or another pliable material).

Car shade styles:

Portable car shades

These are easily put up and taken down so that they can be transported for use wherever needed. Also called temporary car shades, this style often consists of a car shade cover or car shade tent made of canvas or vinyl, along with poles that are easily assembled and disassembled made of PVC or aluminum.

Stationary car shades

A stationary car shade is made to be left in place in order to provide permanent, or at least long term protection. They are sometimes attached to a building or can be freestanding, but they are made from more durable materials than a portable car port, such as steel, metal, or wood.

A-Frame car shades

snow so that the snow doesn’t pile up on the roof.

Rounded top car shades

Rounded car shades tents are typically made from canvas or vinyl set over PVC piping to create the rounded structure. This is a popular design for large car ports that are intended for trucks or other vehicles that are not only big but high.

Soft top car shades

Car shade canopies made of canvas or vinyl are often referred to as soft top car shades.

Hard top car shades

As the name implies, a hard top car shade has a rigid and solid roof. This includes those made from metal, aluminum, steel or wood. Hard top car shades can have a sloped or A-frame roof, a flat roof or a rounded roof.

Car shade construction:

Depending on what type of car shade you are considering, you can purchase pre-made car shades, can obtain car shade kits and then assemble them yourself, or you can even consider building a car shade. It is not that difficult to build a car shade if you have some basic carpentry skills and some time to get the project done. There are car shade plans available online to help you determine the best car shade design, explain how the parts are assembled and can even help you figure out the supplies you need. If a DIY car shade is more than you think you can handle, but you don’t want to pay for a company to deliver and install the car shade, then purchasing a car shade kit is a great alternative.

Where to purchase car shades:

You can often find car shades for sale at locations that sell other portable buildings, such as sheds, gazebos or portable garages. Sometimes you’ll see an advertisement for a car port for sale either online or through a local pennysaver, or you can find a contractor that will build a car shades for you according to your specifications. Car port kits are also available for purchase online so that the kit is delivered to you and you take care of the assembly.

Car shade prices:

Car shades prices can vary considerably, depending on the style, size, type of material chosen, and the type of construction option chosen. There are models available in almost any price range, so you should be able to find a structure to meet your budget. Even if you are looking for cheap car shades, you can find them although they may not be of the quality required for them to be long-lasting. If budget is a consideration, but you are looking for a more durable and permanent structure, you may want to consider doing some research to see if you can find any used car ports available for sale.

There are many options to consider when purchasing a car shade, and you will find multiple styles and a variety of terminology used to refer to the same basic type of structure. So whether you are looking for a car port, a carport, a portable garage, a carport tent, or a structure of another name that is used to offer protection to your car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle or other possessions, you will be armed with the information you need to choose the type of structure that best meets your needs.

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