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CTAS is a preeminent parking shed supplier in Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for a company that offers superior quality car parking tents in Abu Dhabi then you are at the perfect place.

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About Us

With a working experience of over 6 to 7 years in Dubai, our company is enlisted among the top-notch car parking shade manufacturers in Abu Dhai. We have a motto of providing our customers with the most durable and high-quality PVC car parking shade. Carports Tents and Sheds promises to provide ultimate solutions for your car parking spaces no matter if they are private or commercial. We own a skillful team of experts who can easily install the car parking shades in your area as per the requirements.

Experienced Engineers

The car parking shades and tents are designed using top-quality material and fabric under the supervision of well-experienced engineers and workers.


Timely Project Delivery

CPTS ensures timely completion of the project. within budgets and achieve client expectations. We never compromise on the quality of our car parking shades or tents.

Quality Material

Our team manufactures shades and tents that can withstand
extreme weather conditions and provide maximum protection to vehicles.

Experienced Engineers

The car parking shades and tents are designed using top-quality material and fabric under the supervision of well-experienced engineers and workers.

Bespoke Designs 

Moreover, our company prioritizes the client’s preferences for the selection of designs of the car parking shades. After considering their suggestions,
the team starts working on the manufacturing of these shades and tents.

Experienced Engineers

The car parking shades and tents are designed using top-quality material and fabric under the supervision of well-experienced engineers and workers.

Long-lasting solutions for your car parking spaces

By thoroughly understanding the client’s needs, our company is struggling on the mission to offer the best car parking shed solutions to the clients. We are working with the aim to cater to the issues of the clients, thus maximizing efficiency and saving money. Our experts are confident about providing you with car parking shades of any size no matter how large the area is. Car parking tents are an absolute need for both private and commercial spaces all across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah and Ajman.

Our Car Parking Shade Designs

Car Parking Shade No. 1

Car Parking Shade No. 2

Car Parking Shade No. 3

Car Parking Shade No. 4

Car Parking Shade No. 5

Car Parking Shade No. 6

Car Parking Shade No. 7

Car Parking Shade No. 8

Car Parking Shade No. 9

Car Parking Shade No. 10

Car Parking Shade No. 11

Car Parking Shade No. 12

Car Parking Shade No. 13

Car Parking Shade No. 14

Car Parking Shade No. 15

Car Parking Shade No. 16

Car Parking Shade No. 17

Car Parking Shade No. 18

Car Parking Shade No. 19

Car Parking Shade No. 20

Types of Car Parking Shades

  • Cantilever Parking Shade
  • Cantilever Double Hanging Parking Shade
  • Truss Car Parking Shades
  • Single Pole Arch Design
  • Hanging Umbrella
  • Umbrellas Parking Shades
  • Wall Mounted Shades
  • Sail Shades

Standard Size for Car Parking Shade Structure is as following:

  • 2.5×5.5 meters for one car= 2,500 AED to 2,750 AED
    (Minimum order booked is for 2 car parking shades) 
  • 5×5.5 meters for two cars- Price is between 5500 AED to 5,750 AED
  • 6×6 meters for two cars-Price is between 5500 AED to 5,750 AED

You can get the best quality car parking shed fabric material from CTAS.

We have two types of car parking shade fabrics available.

HDPE car parking sheds

Created explicitly for awning shade structures with tensile and shade zones for car parking, high-Density Polyethylene Commercial 95 is an excellent high-end knitted shade fabric for car parking. Commercial and residential property owners in Dubai depend upon Car Parking Sheds – HDPE for various reasons. They are available in waterproof and waterproof versions and are manufactured using materials of the finest quality. They provide strength, durability and the best security.

PVC Fiber Shade for Parking

At CT we provide PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) fiver parking shades for our loyal customers. PVC fabric used to make shade shades for cars has various characteristics, such as durability, outstanding light speed and excellent heat insulation. It is also UV-resistant and waterproof. These are just a few reasons to choose the PVC fiber shade for the vital protection of your vehicle from heat.

Parking in UAE can be a huge hassle. With so many areas to navigate around, each with its own fees, you’ll have to pay plenty of parking options. Definitely, the number of cars as increased and now parking your cars under shades as become troublesome in Dubai and across UAE.

You can get the best quality car parking tents and sheds from CPTS. 

Accordion Content

Best car parking shade materials are as follows,

Fabric material of car parking shades

PVC (POLYVINYL CHLORIDE) Fabric is made up of vinyl-coated polyester. The PVC fabric is a very common tensile architecture in Dubai with a lifespan of more than 10 years. PVC fabric comes under different materials such as 700 GSM, 750GSM, 800 GSM or 900 GSM. Other features include UV treated, waterproof, Fabric Brand Name: Mahler-made in Germany, Warranty is for ten years for the fabric material.


(High-Density Polyethylene) mesh fabric is a heavy-duty knitted shade used for car parking shades in Dubai, tensile membrane, shade structure and sail shades where fabric is placed. Its specifications are; Commercial Knit fabric HDPE 95% shaded UV Treated, non-waterproof, Made in Australia, Brand Name: Gale Pacific, Fabric material warranty is for five years