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    What Type of Carport is Best?

    By: Carports, Tents and Sheds Staff Writers

    If you are looking to buy a carport, there are many different types to choose from.  Each type of carport has different benefits and there is a wide selection to choose from, depending on what your needs may be.  No matter what type of carport you choose, the functionality of the structure is basically the same.  A carport functions similarly to a garage and provides protection for your car or other type of vehicle.  In fact, you will sometimes see the term carport garage utilized interchangeably with the term carport since a carport and a garage are pretty much used for the same purposes.

    Carports can be free standing structures or can be attached to a home or other building.   They always have a roof, to protect vehicles or other items from the elements, and often have two sides, although some carports are open on all four sides and just have poles supporting the roof structure and some have three or four sides for added protection.  For this reason, a carport doesn’t usually provide quite as much protection as a traditional garage, but it still provides adequate protection for many purposes and also provides more ventilation than a garage does, which is a benefit.

    CarportThe most popular material for a carport is either a metal carport or a steel carport.  This is due to the fact that these materials provide the most strength.  In addition to metal carports and steel carports, you can also find aluminum carports and even those made of wood.  While these other choices are also good options and will provide years of protection, you will find that an aluminum carport is not quite as strong as its metal or steel counterpart and a wood one may require more upkeep over the years to keep it looking and functioning at its best.  In most cases, a carport canopy (the top of a carport) can be made in a variety of different materials, depending on your needs.

    Carports can also be purchased in many different styles.  There are A-frame carports, those with horizontal roofs or rounded ones, soft or hard top carports, and portable carports or stationary carports.  Carports can be attached to a structure or can be freestanding.  The nice thing about a portable carport is that it can broken down and taken with you if it is needed in different locations.  In fact, some people use portable carports as canopy tents for various events and activities.   Another benefit of carports is that they can be custom ordered in almost any size, length, width and height.  This is especially important if you are using your structure for something other than a standard car or truck.

    carportCarport kits are also available from many carport manufacturers.  The benefit to these is that you can custom choose your requirements and they can put together a structure that works best for you.  Choose the type of carport canopy you need, the material of the support poles required, the size, and the general shape.    Carport kits can be assembled by the customer and can be set up or broken down as needed, so they function well when a portable carport is what you need.

    You will find that there are a wide variety of carports for sale online.  Some carport kits can be shipped since they are assembled by the consumer, but depending on what your needs are you may be better off with a local company that can deliver your carport right to the location where you need it assembled.

    Aside from the wide selection of carport designs available on the market, building a carport is also fairly easy to do.  Some companies will sell you just the carport covers and then you can search online to find carport plans that will tell you how to construct the supporting structure to make your very own carport.

    No matter what your needs are, whether to protect a car, truck, motorcycle, van, RV, or other vehicle from the elements, or even to provide a bit more storage space for other equipment, there is a carport that can meet your needs.   Keep in mind, however, that carports cannot be protected with home security systems in the way that garages can, leaving your vehicles and other stored belongings more vulnerable to potential theft and vandalism.  Other than that, carports are very versatile structures since they can be used as a permanent structure or can be a portable means of shelter.  Carport kits provide the most customization and portability but if you are looking for a carport to meet a specific need or that you require in a specific size, chances are that you will have no problem finding a carport that will meet all of the requirements that you have for your structure.  .