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    Portable Garages Add Storage Space

    By: Carports, Tents and Sheds Staff Writers

    One of the biggest advantages to portable garages is the additional storage space they can provide.  A portable garage can be placed anywhere that it is needed.  Whether it is right alongside a home or other building to be used as a primary garage, or used elsewhere to protect additional vehicles or equipment, portable garages have many versatile uses.  Portable garages can be ordered in almost any size needed and are available in a wide variety of materials as well.

    Portable car garages can be constructed from metal, aluminum, PVC, wood, canvas or an assortment of other materials.  A portable metal garage is one of the more popular models, or a wood one, because of its sturdiness and durability.  A garage made from these types of materials can withstand years of use, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.  On the other hand, a portable garage tent that is made from aluminum or PVC poles with a canvas covering may not provide the same longevity of use.

    portable garagePortable garage shelters can be fully enclosed structures, similar to a stationary garage, or they can be somewhat opened.  A portable garage canopy of canvas or vinyl can be attached to supporting poles to provide overhead protection without there being any sides.  This allows air flow through the structure and makes it easy to set up and break down the portable garage shelter when you need to move it to a new location.  This type of shelter works well when you need protection on the road, such as if you are taking your car to shows or are traveling around in an RV, motorcycle or other vehicle that you would like to protect from rain, snow, sun or those pesky little birds flying overhead when not in use.

    There are also portable garages and shelters that have an overhead covering and just one, two or three sides.  This provides more protection that simply an overhead canopy, but not as much as a fully enclosed garage.  Some models of portable car garages are offered with the option of different numbers of side walls or coverings, such as one that is only along the back or only along both sides, or all three.  With these types of structures, a vehicle or other equipment is still easily moved in and out of the structure but the rest of the area is protected by the sides or back walls.  Some of these walls are stationary and others made of a more pliable material, such as canvas or vinyl, can be rolled up or down as needed, providing more versatility of use.

    portable garageA portable car garage can also function as a fully functional enclosed garage, as if it was a stationary structure.  These models have a top, four sides and usually a door.  Most fully enclosed garages of this type are constructed from wood, metal or steel, and although they are portable, they usually remain in one place for the life of the structure.  When it comes to wood models, you can find a variety of styles and wooden garage door sale prices by checking with various manufacturers or looking online.  The same goes for steel or metal models as well.

    No matter what type of portable garage you choose to utilize, there is no doubt that portable garages provide the additional storage space sometimes needed by homeowners in order to protect their valuable assets.