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    Choosing a Porch Awning For Your Home

    By: Carports, Tents and Sheds Staff Writers

    A porch awning is a great investment if you are looking to add some shade to your outdoor space.  Porch awnings can be constructed or installed outside of your home that provide permanent shade, or you can install retractable porch awnings or roll up awnings so that you are in control of when you want protection from the sun or rain, and when you don’t.

    When selecting from the many types of awnings for porches available on the market today, you need to first consider a few factors.  The first consideration is whether you want a permanent porch awning or a retractable porch awning.  Once that is decided, you then need to select the type of material you want for your awning.  A porch awning can be constructed from aluminum, metal, canvas, vinyl or wood.   If you are considering a permanent structure, then you will more than likely want an aluminum, wood or metal porch awning.  Retractable awnings typically are made from canvas or vinyl, although the support structures are made from aluminum or metal.

    porch awningIf you are looking to install a permanent porch awning, then you will need to either find a contractor that can custom build a porch awning and attach it to your home, or you will need to find porch awning plans and construct one yourself.  Unless you have above basic carpentry skills, it is not recommended that you build your own porch awning because it is not a simple task and must be attached properly and securely to your home to ensure that it will not blow off in the wind or fall over and injure anyone.  If, however, you have some building experience and are willing to take on a fairly ambitious project, then you can do research online about how to build a porch awning and can then tackle the project on your own.

    Retractable porch awnings are a popular option and can be purchased and installed by any company that sells awnings.  Most retractable awnings have canvas awning canopies.  Canvas porch awnings can be custom ordered in just about any color of fabric and a wide variety of designs.  The most sought after canvas porch awning fabric is manufactured by Sunbrella fabrics.  The company is known for its durability, moisture resistance and aesthetic qualities.   Vinyl porch awnings are another option but are not as widely utilized as canvas ones.

    porch awningNo matter what type of porch awning you select, the addition to your yard will provide protection from the sun, rain, snow and wind.  It will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space out of the direct rays of the sun and even if the weather is not cooperating and the rain is falling.  A front porch awning or back porch awning is also a useful addition for protecting indoor possessions in your home from fading in locations that receive a great deal of sun streaming through the windows.  By installing front porch awnings or back porch awnings homeowners can also save on energy bills by shielding the sun from heating up the home’s interior in warmer months, and diminishing the amount of wind that hits the windows and may ultimately penetrate through.

    There are many benefits to installing a porch awning on the exterior of your home.  From sun protection to energy savings, porch awnings can make your exterior, as well as interior, space a more comfortable place to spend some time.